As aether cultivates space, earth provides structure. The foundation through which all other elements can either flow or lay latent. Earth is grounding, nurturing + balancing. Many of Mother Nature's most restorative + nourishing ingredients choose earth + soil as their incubation, a selection of which can be found in our elemental skincare remedies.



The skin is our largest organ + comprised of 64% water. Without water we would not be. Water is life's most cardinal protector + provider of the body's most vital nourishment. In aether, water exists. Air allows water to ebb + flow. Water quenches the flames of inferno. Earth drinks up water to sustain the cycle of life.



From fire comes strength + energy. A transformative element heralded for its purifying + protective faculties. Fire can be made wild in contact with air + suffocated without it. The presence of water tames flames, protecting earth + aether from destruction.



Like water + fire, air is an element of movement. It can be dynamic or still. Without air, all of the other elements of life would be rendered motionless; sparks of fire would never catch + the change in tides would be paralysed. We cannot touch it or see it but air is ever-present + ever-transforming; purifying, pacifying + empowering.



Aether is described as a life force; the most powerful + conjuring element of them all but only fully balanced in harmony with its counterparts. Without earth, aether is weightless. Without water, aether is arid. Without fire, aether is cold. Without air, aether is immobile. Aether is omnipresent + everywhere, the space in which all the other elements of life can reside.