The magic + meaning behind Strawberry Moon

Our brand was born just days before the 2020 Strawberry Moon rose into the sky. In our first journal entry, we explore the heritage of the magical supermoon + talk about how it inspired our very own pink clay mineral mask.

As you'll know if you've already acquainted yourself with our elemental ethos, the toil + trouble skincare collection owes everything to Mother Nature. Through our journal, we aim to celebrate the organic ingredients, life elements and natural processes which are instilled so staunchly in everything we do. 

First under the spotlight is the rare celestial phenomenon that graced our skies on June 5th 2020 - the super strawberry moon. Bestowed with its beautiful name by the Native American Algonquin tribes, it is common misconception that the strawberry moon was honoured with its identity courtesy of its dusky pink-red hue. 

Here though, colour is nothing more than sheer coincidence. The namesake of this extraordinary lunar event is actually accredited to strawberry season, as the sweet ripe berries ready themselves for harvest and the flushed moon makes its appearance simultaneously. 

The strawberry moon's synonymous chroma is cast as it coincides with a penumbral lunar eclipse. What transpires is that the earth comes in between the sun and the moon, meaning the moon is then close enough to being directly opposite the sun that is passes through a partial shadow of the earth. This then creates the distinctive pink hue, as the full moon is viewed through a much more dense layer of the earth's atmosphere. 

A reduction in light as the earth passes between the sun and the moon is what manifests the reddish tinge that had eyes around the world transfixed to the sky earlier this year, as we headed towards the 2020 summer solstice. A glorious epoch when our natural circadian rhythms are in sweet harmony with the natural cycle of daylight and darkness. 

Legend has it that during a full moon, the skin becomes more absorbent and open to drinking up the oils, serums and nutrients present in our daily rituals. Whether you subscribe to this mantra or not, the turbulent emotions that also come with a full moon make it a rather fitting time to invest that little extra time and devotion to skincare and self-nurture. 


Face masks are the perfect indulgence when your day-to-day skincare ritual is typically dictated by time and efficiency. Our Strawberry Moon pink clay mask marries green illite clay, French pink montmorillonite clay and soft active kaolin clay to provide an aromatic remedy laced with strawberry extract and vitamin C to clarify the complexion and curtail the breakdown of collagen.

Slow down, breathe deep and apply a generous layer of this thick, rose-tinted mask to the face and leave to settle on the skin for 10 minutes. Strawberry brings about a vital dose of antioxidants, while calcite polishes gently to leave even the most tender and sensitive complexions calm, detoxified and smooth to the touch. The non-drying formula won't set on the face and proudly boasts being 100% vegan, 98% natural and completely gender-neutral. 

Continue on from here to learn more out about our divine Strawberry Moon mineral mask with hydrolised silk, which is of course, an absolute must whatever might be happening out there in the aether - full moon or no full moon. 


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