Through our products, processes and people, we promise to ensure that toil + trouble® leaves as little trace on our precious planet as possible.

All of our products are made in the UK + our suppliers are all UK-based too, to help keep our carbon footprint to a sheer minimum.

Our bottles + jars are sprayed with organic, water-based paint, making them 100% recyclable once lids + labels are removed (something we’re already working hard to improve further).

Our boxes are made using recycled paper + are 100% recyclable too, while your products stay protected on their way to you in a nest of biodegradable tissue paper.

Our notes of thanks are all printed on recycled carrot seed paper, which we invite you to plant directly back into the earth to grow your very own crop of carrots. The ink used to print our thank you notes is vegetable oil-based + organic so non-toxic and free of harm. The seeds used within the paper are rich in nectar + pollen to help support the livelihood of bees, butterflies + other pollinating insects. 

When you repurchase any of our serums or oils, you can opt for an aluminium cap instead, and simply reuse the pipette which came with the original.

As toil + trouble® flourishes, our mission is to take each of the five elements of life - earth, fire, water, air + aether - and contribute to the nurturing and betterment of each one because right now, Mother Nature needs our help more than ever.